Mobile device repair

We repair Your device in our mobile workshop.
How it works:
Time reservation
Can’t Stop work Monday – Saturday. Choose a day and time that’s suitable for you.
Can’t Stop comes to you
Can’t Stop professional technician team comes to wherever location you are – at home, work or other.
Fast device repair
Can’t Stop mobile workshop is equipped with the latest tools and tech which allows fast repair of your device.
Comprehensive Apple device Correction.
Samsung device warranty and post-warranty repair.
Phone repair.
Tablet repair.
Computer repair.
Game console repair.
Other device repair.
Diagnostics of the device at the time of purchase
Application of safety glasses
At your location
Can’t Stop comes to You and repair your device.
Up to 1 hour
A Can’t Stop repair usually takes no more than 20-40 minutes.
Life-time warranty
Can’t Stop provides life-time warranty for iPhone screens and guarantees all repairs for 6 months.
Temporary phone
Can’t Stop provides temporary iOS or Android mobile phones.
Secure data
Your personal content remains secure. It will neither be accesses or copied.
Free defect finding
Can not Stop fixes the problem for free and advises on repair issues.
book a time by yourself!
In our calendar, you can check a service you need in advance and reserve it at your convenient time.
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About Us
Can‘t stop mobile device repair
Position in the team:
Driver of mobile devices
12 years in mobile device repairs
Alim is interested in various technologies and their latest news. Being a true fan of „Apple“ since 2003, Alim is one of the first technicians in Vilnius who started to repair Apple products. He is also the founder of several online stores and projects: (istuff.lt, mobilepro.lt, appletaisymas.lt). Mobile device repair is a job which Alim likes and which brings a lot of pleasure to him.
The desire to help people which brought Alim to the idea of creating the first mobile service on wheels CAN‘T STOP.
Alim contributes to CAN‘T STOP project in order to create quality and reliable mobile device service on wheels which enables the client to invite technician to his wanted place.
Can‘t stop mobile device repair
Position in the team:
Co-driver of mobile devices
10 years in the mobile device market
Lukas began to be interested in mobile devices at age 12. He created video shows, wrote articles, reviews. Being only 15 he has founded a first mobile accessories store in Lithuania (luksshop.lt). Within 7 years in collaboration with „Spigen“ brand (manufacturer of accessories for mobile devices), Lukas has created two collections of phone cases, one of which become a bestseller at Amazon.
Lukas dreamed of creating a fast, high-quality and convenient phone service from the very moment he opened the mobile accessories store at age 15.
Lukas is ready to use his experience to create the fastest and most convenient mobile device service in Lithuania.